Welcome to Tulip

We're Eva and Heather

The first of Tulip’s blooming creations was brought to life in Eva’s Grant Park living room soon after Eva and Heather serendipitously crossed paths in 2005. Eva’s passion for flowers stems from her European roots. Having grown up in a small village in Southern Germany, she was inspired by her mother’s floral arrangements for their home. After studying Hospitality Management in Germany, an international internship led her to the U.S. where she was eager to share her love for European floral design and was seeking to launch her own floral design business when she met Heather.


Heather studied interior design and art education, making her a natural at enriching spaces to look and feel beautiful. She was working as a prominent floral and event designer, inspiring love with her creations at weddings throughout Atlanta at the time she met Eva at an industry conference. She was also seeking a new opportunity, one that would allow her own unique design creativity to shine.


Eva called Heather the very next day and the two expressed their visions to create gorgeous floral designs for weddings and events in Atlanta and throughout Georgia. From there, their partnership blossomed virtually overnight and they haven’t looked back since!


Today, Tulip is the preferred floral and event design company of many of Georgia’s most notable venues and planners. Eva and Heather’s ingenuity in creating custom floral designs and their exceptional professionalism, attentiveness, accountability and reliability to their clients is highly regarded in the event design community.

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